Senior Year.

Everyone thinks that senior year is supposed to be the easiest year of your life. That isn’t true, at all. Not only do you have all of your final projects and classes, but you also have to prepare yourself to say goodbye to all that you’ve known the last few years of your life.

One of the hardest things is having to say goodbye to your freedom. Moving back home with mommy and daddy isn’t something that anyone wants to have to do; not because we don’t love them, but because the last few years, you’ve been able to come and go as you please. Leaving behind all of your memories in the house you lived in, all of the parties you had there, all of the girls nights with wine and movies and popcorn; you’re leaving all of that behind.

You’re not leaving behind just the school and the education. You’re leaving behind your friends, your sorority, the intramurals, the baseball games, the football games. Nothing will be the same as it was all these past few years. You have to start thinking about your future. Where you’re going to live, who you’re going to live with. What if you get a job and you don’t know anyone in the city you have to move to and you’re all alone? All of these things are so scary, but you can do it. You can overcome all of these things. You’re never given anything that you can’t come out on top.

Senior year has been the absolute best time of my life, but as it’s coming to a close, it’s also the most scared and the most sad that I have ever been, but I also couldn’t be more excited to start my journey in this thing we call life.


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