Why Marketing is My Life.

Marketing is such a broad area to study I felt that it would be good for me to do. You can do so much with it, from working with HealthCare to sports to music; anything.

Originally I wanted to be a Dietitian. I always wanted to do something medical because throughout my life, I have always been around medical situations because of things my family has been through. Through the process of studying Nutrition and Dietitian though, I found myself not being as interested as I thought I originally would be because it was focused on one certain thing. I talked to my parents for weeks before I made a decision to switch my major to Marketing. My dad was arguing with me that I shouldn’t go towards anything in the business field because “it didn’t need to be taught” and it was just common sense. WRONG. He was wrong.

Marketing has taught me so many things. It has so many different aspects and projects to it that it’s never boring. When I first started with Marketing, I thought that it was going to be sales and that I was going to regret my decision because I’m just not a pushy person and I don’t deal well with rejection. Marketing is so much more. You can get so creative with it in ways that you can’t with any other type of major. I’m a very imaginative person, so with me dealing with Marketing, I can take my imagination to so many different levels. I want to work with the PR, Advertising and Promotion side of Marketing so that I get to interact with people that enjoy doing the same type of thing as me and use the skills that I love so much every single day.

With there being so many different types of Marketing, I can literally still work in HealthCare if I want to. I don’t have to be specifically helping a certain person, but this way I can design posters, billboards, Websites, etc. to be able to help get the word out to millions of people. Helping people is something that really speaks to me and touches my heart, so for me to be able to hopefully do that as a career would honestly make my world every single day.


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