Breaking the Stereotypes: What Being in a Sorority Did For Me.

Everyone said going out of high school that I should be in a sorority; from the way I dressed, to how I acted, to the friends I had. I’m in my fifth year of college and just joined a sorority one year ago.

For my first two years of college, I went to UTC. I went there with my best friends from high school and they didn’t join a sorority either. Then after one of my friends left UTC to go to MTSU, she decided randomly to join a sorority and she constantly talked to me about how wonderful it was and how much I was missing out on.

The year after, I also transferred to MTSU but instead of joining a sorority, I got into a bad relationship. He transformed me into someone he wanted me to be since I didn’t know anybody at MTSU yet. He introduced me to all of his friends instead of giving me time to meet my own. He sucked me in so quickly that I didn’t even have time to realize what was going on. Throughout the year that me and this guy were dating, I lost all of my best friends from high school and I didn’t really make any new friends at my new school. I only had him, because that’s exactly what he wanted. He wanted me to be alone; he wanted me to have no one to turn to. He got everything that he wanted until my high school friends that had joined the same sorority at MTSU took a step towards helping me and got me out of that relationship. They ended up talking me into joining their sorority with them and experiencing everything they get to, with them. This sorority is Chi Omega.

Chi Omega literally has brought me the best friends I could have never even imagined possible. All of the opportunities that it has shown me and given me is inexpressible. This sorority has so many extraordinary qualities to it, in addition to the girls that make it up. Without Chi Omega, my life would have continued to spiral downwards. Without my friends stepping back in and helping me take control of my life back, it would have continued to spiral downwards.

Chi Omega literally saved my life. Not just the people in it, but the sorority as a whole. I’ve never been a girl to have many girl friends. I was always more of the girl who had more guy friends than girls. Honestly though, before joining a sorority, I don’t know how I lived without so many girls in my life. I’ve never been happier; never had so much fun; never been able to get ready with so many girls and go out on the town with them for the night. My sorority has given me so many sisters that I’ve never had (literally I’m an only child). My sorority has given me so many opportunities to show who I really am and help other people that don’t have as much as I do. Yes, I know the stereotypes on sororities and how deceiving they can be; how horrifying they can sound; but I’m nothing like them. WE are nothing like them, and I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without Chi Omega.


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